EAHM Award 2024



The European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM-AEDH-EVKM) is pleased to announce the 2024 edition of the "EAHM Award - Innovation in Hospital Management", a competition that will select the best innovative project in the field of hospital management.


The 2024 contest is being organised in the frame of the “Smart Healthcare Internationnal Conference” (SHeIC), in addition to the first edition of the “Connected Innovation and Technology X.0 Contest” (CITX.C).


In 2024, the contest will as usual be open to candidates from EAHM member countries, as well as from Morocco and Vietnam.


Application Criteria


🔹 An applicant cannot submit more than one project.

🔹 All projects must have already been “launched” at least in a test/pilot phase with a hospital or a network of hospitals.

🔹 Applicants must be a not-for-profit healthcare organisation, e.g., a hospital, a hospital network, a university, a certified medical centre, or a registered medical society. Applicants may not be an individual.


Application and Selection Process

🔹 Applications must be submitted on the attached application template in English.


🔹Applicants have until March 25, 2024, to send their completed application to: marc.hastert@fhlux.lu , mentioning, “EAHM Award – Innovation in Hospital Management Application”.


🔹 Three (short listed) applicants, selected by a jury made up of professionals of the healthcare sector, will be invited to make a short video to be screened at the awards ceremony.

The jury will evaluate the applications of the candidates based on an evaluation grid of six elements as follows:


1.   EAHM Values, Engagement of stakeholders and “Coup de coeur”

Values: We will assess the extent to which the project applies the EAHM’s values of good practices of hospital and healthcare management.


In particular:

Effective communication; Training and development of staff, Patient centeredness; Continuous quality improvement; Clarity of roles & Responsibilities; Authority and Accountability for team members.

Engagement: We will assess the degree to which the project has created channels to involve or consult with all relevant stakeholders. These can include patients, service users, staff, unions and partnership processes. We will also assess the method and tools used to communicate with stakeholders during the project.


2.   Value for Money, cost/benefit

We will assess how the project creates a streamlined approach to service delivery and delivers increased efficiency and resource optimisation/savings.


3.   Service Efficiency, operability

We will assess the project’s impacts on efficiency, improved organization and working procedures, quality of service, and patient safety and care.


4.   Methodology, Change management.

We will look for technical details regarding the design, delivery and particular set of skills and knowledge, methodology etc. used in the project.


5.   Transferability

We will assess the potential for learning from the project and its ability to be replicated to other parts of the health services. To include, but not limited to, the overall approach, specific features, or specific outcomes of the project.


6.   Impact / Outcomes /results :

We will assess how the project measures the impact of innovation within their service as a result of their project. Please include details of quality improvement measurement tools used and results captured.

🔹 The winner will be officially announced during the closing session of the SHeIC, which will be held on the last day of the overall event during the Awards ceremony on April 24, 2024 in Marseille.


🔹 Two members of the winner company will be invited (accommodation and travel expenses covered) to participate in this event, allowing them to network with a wide range of relevant and key stakeholders.



Jury members provide their ratings free of any constraints or conflicts of interest. The members of the jury are not allowed to submit projects themselves. The vote of the jury is anonymous and final. There is no appeal against its vote.




🔹 Deadline for application: March 25, 2024


🔹 Announcement of the shortlisted finalists: April 15, 2024


🔹 Official announcement of the winner and Award Ceremony: April 24, 2024


to condidate complete and send the document (the download link is provided below) to: marc.hastert@fhlux.lu mentioning, “EAHM Award – Innovation in Hospital Management Application”.

🔹 A4 paper in WORD FORMAT, Arial or Helvetica, and 11 points 

Papers should have a length of (at most) 2 pages with a total of maximum 1100 words (maximum of 550 words/page).

🔹Margins: Left, right, top and bottom margins should be 25 mm. PLEASE DO NOT ALTER THESE MARGINS!

🔹Section heads: Section heads are flush left, Arial or Helvetica, bold, 11 points and in capitals.

🔹Subsection heads:  If your abstract has subsections, they have to be flush left, Arial or Helvetica, bold, 11 points, and sub-numbered.

🔹Text: All text including abstract should be single space, full justification, Arial or Helvetica, and 11 points.